Current Officers

South Shore Long Beach Masonic Lodge

 Officers for 2011 – 2012

W∴ Jay Berry

Bro. Michael Geller
Sr. Warden

Bro. Davin Goldman
Jr. Warden

W∴ George F. Kivowitz, DSA

Bro. Michael Cooper

W∴ Bernard Schwartz, DSA

Bro. Jay H. Alweis

W∴ Stanley Saffron, DSA

W∴ Peter R. Lupo, Jr.
Sr. Deacon

Bro. Andrew Lupo
Jr. Deacon

Bro. Al Vargas
Sr. Master of Ceremony

Bro. Joshua Sundquist
Jr. Master of Ceremony

Bro. George Geller
Sr. Steward

Bro. Richard Rattan
Jr. Steward

Bro. Robert J. Leyendecker

Bro. Chris Montori

W∴ Louis D. Berlin

1 Response to “Current Officers”

  • Edward L. Steinberg

    Mr. Robert J. Leyendecker – Dear Sir:

    I am sorry to tell you that Dr. Edward L. Steinberg, a member of your lodge has passed away this past August, 2016. If you need further information, you can reach me at 561-514-3904. My name is Monty Marsala and I was Dr. Steinberg’s Secretary. Thank you.

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